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    Wink WalMart is Entering the New Car Business

    See, it's no joke. They have dumbed down our cars so much that now CHIMART will soon be selling them!

    Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: Electric cars marked down on aisle 6 — Autoblog Green

    I gather it was designed in China, built in Mexico to be sold to Americans. (with no American content used to build it) --- Price= $2.98 w 30 day warranty, batteries not included.

    Yup they finally have dumbed down the entire car manufacturing process so they can now sell cars for less than five bucks to anyone that does not care they have no American input- after all, we all know how Grrreat! the imports cars are. Gosh, why cant GM or Ford build a $2.98 car? Just think about how safe their dashboard and installs must look!!

    I have heard of two designs to this car.

    Car Design #1st All Mice Powered Green Car! Awesome engineering into this car that uses a team of small mice running on a wheel as this engine is not a hybrid, it's better. We have more mice and rodents than we have OIL in the world, and THEY WORK AND CAN BE BURNED!! Wahoooo Engine contains no cylinder no pistons etc, THIS engine, uses a displacement power changed from "horse power into Mice Power". Design#1 shall be known as the First Car that runs 100% on CHEESE. As soon as compression suffers open hood take dead mouse and punt such mouse in the methane tank for a turbo boost and pick up a new mouse at next mice station.

    Car Design #2: The Very First 100% All Rubber Band Powered Green Car!

    Many Pattends are pending on this car! INSIDE UNDER THE HOOD IS ONE HUGH GIANT RUBBER BAND WHICH CAN BE FILED UP BY GOING TO ANY OF THE MILLIONS NEW RUBBER-BAND GAS STATIONS. Just take pump handle and place over top the front end of the rubber band and hit switch. Within a few million RPMs that rubber-band is fully wounded for a weeks worth of highway driving. Of course Chimart makes sure only the best engineers design these trend sitters. The rubber band is treated like other hazards and is self contained and a full tank is measured by the max amount of allowed RPMS needed to be applied to the band to make it fully loaded and ready to spin for the car. Fred And Barney would be proud.

    The engineer says "I admit it, When I was flying a balsa wood plane with a prpella in it, I thought to myself "THAT'S THE ANSWER TO ALL OF OUR OIL NEEDS!!"
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    Default Re: WalMart is Entering the New Car Business

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    Default Re: WalMart is Entering the New Car Business

    You could also buy you Cobra to go with in aisle 7.



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