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    Default Re: Jaguar skeered 'O Bob...

    Yes amazing. First Mercedes, then BMW and now Jag all chickened out of racing Cadillac.

    I don't attribute to their lack of fast cars, but rather their lack of balls.

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    Default Re: Jaguar skeered 'O Bob...

    I LOLed at this comment:

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    Default Re: Jaguar skeered 'O Bob...

    These marketing events by GM with Lutz and Ford with the Ecoboost vs V8 challenge. At least they're trying.

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    Default Re: Jaguar skeered 'O Bob...

    The CTS-V has an awesome engine. It's the new Corvette ZR-1 engine with a slightly smaller supercharger.

    I'm going to test drive one before I order the new Vette. Maybe I can talk the little lady into getting a black CTS-V instead of an Atomic Orange Vette.
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