Hey JDS, thanks for letting us know about this program. Hard to beat 7 hours of instruction and lunch for $60. The kids had fun and learned how their cars are going to react when pushed to the limit. They are now better prepared to avoid accidents and control their cars when pushed to the limit. The GS400 (red) was far more at home out there than the LS430 (green-gray). But both kids had plenty of fun driving their cars.

A 330i tangled with a guard rail during an emergency lane change maneuver exercise. Car got a little loose and the kid panicked. He stomped on the gas peddle thinking it was the brake. That should be an interesting call to the insurance company. "Yes, I wiped out the left side of my car during a safe driving school exercise..."

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az6VCV2IOlU]YouTube - BMW Street Survival Teen Driving - T2 and Jarett driving.[/ame]