MFBA April 2010 Road America Event

As many of you know the 2009 Road America Events have actually put the MFBA in the Red. We are however going to try to make another run for having an April event on April 17-18, 2010!!

There is a stipulation though to this 2010 April Event.

We need 80 cars for each day registered for Sat and Sun before January 15, 2010!! If we do not meet this then the event will be cancelled and Checks will be refunded and Paypal refunded (minus transaction fees).

October 2009 - January 14th 2010 =
Weekend: $425.00 Single day: $235.00

January 15th 2010 - March 31st 2010 =
Weekend: $475.00 Single day: $265.00

April 1st 2010 - Event date =
Weekend $495.00 Single day: $285.00

Paypal Payments send to:

Forms and Checks:

Attn: Carmen Drays
4924 Fielding Road
Rockford, IL 61102