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    Default want to hardwire my sat radio

    i just bought a new sat radio, and wanted to know can it be hardwired like my rd.
    i was thinking about cutting off the adapter and grounding one side of the wire and hooking the other side to where my ignition switch is. so when i turn on or off the truck i don;t have to worry about pulling the dam plug on it.
    like yesterday and it drained the battery.

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    Default Re: want to hardwire my sat radio

    Depending on the receiver, you can't just cut off the adapter, as it also drops the voltage.. Look at the sticker on the receiver, or receiver base to see what it's voltage input requirement is..

    I wanted to do the same thing and settled for cutting in a 12vt receptacle, and wiring it to a switched source..

    You could tear the guts out of the adapter and easily wire that in, but when you upgrade receivers it may need to be changed again..

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    Default Re: want to hardwire my sat radio

    check to see if it is a 5v or 12v adapter.
    there is a hardwire kit i invested in.



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