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    Default Stupid Electric Cars

    I went to the NAIAS today and there were some awesome cars and some not.

    Here are a couple of the not.

    This one you could take on a test drive in the basement along with others.
    Someone almost tipped it over on the curve with a 3 MPH speed limit.
    My friend said instead of cow tipping he was going to go car tipping.

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    Default Re: Stupid Electric Cars

    Those Tata Motors cars are fine for India, but only someone with a death wish would drive one here.

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    Default Re: Stupid Electric Cars

    oh come on that first one would make a great police car! there is no way an LEO could catch a speeder in that thing

    the Kalifornia plate on the 2nd one says it all.

    will that be the new "peoples" car for Kalifornians
    Rod Blagojevich: I'm Lawful, 'Feel Free' To Tape Me

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    Default Nothing to do with Electric Cars

    The Fiat Twins were there.
    Here is a link to pictures enjoy!

    Detroit's 97.1 The Ticket - The "Fiat Twins"

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    Default Re: Stupid Electric Cars

    The second one is like a fighter jet! Check them seats out You could put it your game room and play along with your flight simulator.



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