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Thread: A/C Problem

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    Default A/C Problem

    My AC stop working

    it got hot today and decided to use it.... turned it on, heard the compressor make an unusual sound, it got cool for a while then when my revs got higher it turned off

    Now it just wonít work.

    I guess itís not so bad now that its winter but I do want to get it fixed.

    How much? Whatís the worst case scenario?

    Man, my cars falling apart! Even the transmission is bugging out!

    I think my gadgets in the car are worth more then the car itself!

    I tell people I would rather have the car get stolen then the V1

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    Compressors will cut out automatically if the refrigerant pressure is low. This could be an indication of a leak. A good shop that does A/C repair can put a special dye in the system to figure out where it is. If it's a slow leak then it may just be cheaper to have it re-charged every so often (if it's an annual-type thing). Otherwise the cost to repair depends entirely on what is leaking.

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    Move to Canada :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    Move to Canada :wink:
    Roll the windows down now and it inside of your car is "Ice Cold" in no time.......



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