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    Default Any one here do body work?

    I have a question. I am thinking of getting rid of my trunk lip mount for the cb

    and drilling it into the center of the trunk. Location shown here by the lock ring.

    It is a fiberglass trunk deck and I am wondering if it will be strong enough to hold the antenna when it is on the car. When it is off there will be the 3/8" coupler showing and I'll have a rubber cover for it.

    Here is the spot I will be drilling through.

    I understand that I will probably have to add some kind of support on the outside and inside of the trunk deck for the coupler, maybe a painted fender washer.

    Here is a clean shot of the trunk deck.

    The antenna is only on the car during trips and the same for the lip mount.


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    Default Re: Any one here do body work?

    Not asking for the work to be done I will do it.
    Just want to know how will this effect the fiberglass trunk deck, is it strong enough to do this?

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    Default Re: Any one here do body work?

    If it were me.... I'd look into a ss bracket coming out from under the rear of the car bumper with a little tab with a hole for your whip ant. No way would I drill a hole through the deck lid. When I was in Cozumel people where running those big antenna's from the front of the car that way.

    Good luck...



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