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    Default Extended Warranties


    Save Cash by Avoiding Auto-Repair Service Plans
    (Increase your financial IQ – think green)

    Did you know that according to Consumer Reports Magazine, extended auto warranties usually don’t make financial cents? Consumer Reports notes that a five year old vehicle today had one third fewer problems than a five year old vehicle in 2005. The bottom line – cars are becoming increasingly more reliable and serious (more expensive) problems, such as engine or transmission repairs, are actually quite rare.

    Many service plans are sold by marketing companies that don’t provide the coverage themselves. Plans can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and have various coverage options. They all sound good until you file a claim. Most contracts include a lot of fine print that can usually be used to deny your request for payment. According to the Federal Trade Commission, auto-service contract fraud was the number one complaint in 2009! That just about says it all.

    Whether a service plan is offered by a broker, car dealer or manufacturer, the experts recommend that you skip it. You’re better off redirecting that money into your TSP account!

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    Default Re: Extended Warranties

    They're companies created by felon scum bags. US Fidelis is/was an auto warranty company based out St. Louis. One of the owners took 20 million out of the company then built a 17 million dollar house. He said he wanted a house that large to hold fundraisers for his church. This guy was probably responsible for at least half of the complaints the BBB received.

    Here are some articles on this absolute pond sucking clown. His name is Darian Atkinson. His brother, Cory, is just as bad. I hope they loses everything they has.

    Before the paper figured him out-
    US Fidelis founder goes from prison to the pinnacle -

    Fidelis sank as owners got rich, bankruptcy filing shows -
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    Default Re: Extended Warranties

    When I bought an extended warranty I bought the one Ford offers.
    It has paid off for me in the past. No claim forms the dealer did everything.
    Used E150 the oil pump went out so because of this the main bearings were ruined.
    0 deductible and a new long block went in. The only used parts that went back on was the AC compressor, power steering pump, alternator, and fuel injectors.

    I never buy a car warranty offered by a 3rd party, they are junk.



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