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    Default 2005 Focus ZX3??? I need suggestions

    I have a brake issue coming up. My back shoes need replacing and I want to do away with the POS motercraft drums aswell, AND I want to get new rotors aswell. The mastercraft breaks dont hold up with the way I drive LOL.
    I need good brakes that arent going to kill me either. I have Wagner's Poly pads which are good. The rotors shoes and Drums are mastercraft they are the ones that need replacing!!!

    Help I cant find much!!!

    I would like to go slotted disk but the ones I have seen are way expensive!!


    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how I could boost my HP and not void my warranty???

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    A lot of folks with drum rears on their Focus install the SVT Focus rear disks.

    For more info on Focus stuff, checkout and

    Ed (an 03 SVTF is my daily driver)



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