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    Default Switchback LEDs are the bomb.

    I think these things look amazing. They are a white, 5000k temp while used as driving lights, or parking lights. and when you activate the turn signal, the blink amber off amber off. I've had these for ages and never installed them. couldn't be bothered to order load resistors.
    They do not glare, they're not so bright that they overpower the headlights. they look awesome in person.

    The vid is with an iphone 4.
    what do you think of the LEDs?

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    Default Re: Switchback LEDs are the bomb.

    Very slick. Now if they could only make some that also emit IR jammer pulses...

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    Default Re: Switchback LEDs are the bomb.

    Those are cool! I just put LEDs in my DRLs and they look a LOT better than the yellowish bulbs that were in there. The LED instructions said not to put them in headlight housings because of heat. Time will tell...



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