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    Default I wanna station wagon...

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    A great station wagon is a wonderful thing. It's got the utility of an SUV but the performance of a sports car.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    Supposedly there are diesel and wagon versions of the car I drive, that have tow ratings greater than Yurup...

    Hopefully this thing sells and doesn't just back up the case that Americans think all wagons are equivalent to the Griswold Family Truckster.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    ^too late lol. I get non enthusiast friends giving me **** when i see the 2000 S4's in wagon form and say that car is awesome.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    When I point out the GTIs and WRX wagons to my gf she asks why I like "little minivan looking cars" so much.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    That cts-v wagon is nice. It looks much better than the coupe, plus its got more room!!!

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    I don't think I could ever own a wagon model.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    Quote Originally Posted by protias View Post
    I don't think I could ever own a wagon model.

    A bunch of years ago, took my old Dodge Daytona Shelby Turbo Z in for some serious 1 to 2 week warranty repairs (had to order a new turbo charger direct from Japan).
    I demanded a loaner.
    They said they had none available.
    I still demanded a loaner and started to get riled up.
    'OK we'll get you a loaner'.
    They scrounged up some kind of sh1tty old Ford station wagon from their used car lot!
    I refused that wagon.
    They said take it or leave it.
    I begrudgingly ended up driving off in that thing.

    Hated driving that thing...felt like i was 30 years older and worse, felt like i was driving an official 'soccer mom's' car.

    If hauling space is needed, i'll take a 4WD SUV tricked up for occassional off-roading any day over a wagon, but that just me.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    I have a 200 wagon (audi) and it may not be the fastest thing in the world but I love the thing to death. Once I figure out why my hall sensors suck so bad ill be driving it around again. There is something strangly appealing to me about that CTS-V wag......kinda wants to make me puke because I hate the CTS-v but I like that thing. BTW thanks Erick for bringing up my alltime favorite wagon hahaha.

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    Default Re: I wanna station wagon...

    I keep trying to talk the wife into the new Caddy sport wagon, but she will have not part of it. Loves the SRX, oh well, can't win them all.
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