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    Default Re: Insurance company monitoring your car!

    Take the device off and put it on a Police Car... see how they drive for a day and what the insurance company thinks of them.

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    This seems like one of those dangerous gadgets that come with technology. The kicker here is that the technology is being used not to help us in any way but to invade on our privacy and personal space. If however, the purpose of this ‘black box’ was not only to report our actions to the auto insurance companies but to also help us at the same time by sending information to say a hospital in case of an accident then this technology would be more helpful. This sort of advancement in automotive technology should be driven toward helping people and not just focusing on monitoring faults. I’m with the Hartford insurance and I hope they don’t start this new thing – I would have to lose them since they have managed a couple of my claims pretty well!

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    I have 4 vehicles all listed as leisure use and do rotatae them throughout them year over my 30,000 miles annually. I told think I can work the $ angle any better.

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    Hi there! I had the same problem! And helix139 right! My friend-the best mechanic in our town, helped me with it,he lowered and wired up a disconnect switch for my OBD2, it helped. Good luck!

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    It might even mail you a speeding ticket or flag you for suspension. No thanx.



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