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    Give me opinions on this rd please. I spent 150 bucks on it. I hooked it up in my car today and kinda drove around seeing if i could get any alerts and didnt really get anything. Ive got this return thing on so if i dont like it can return so tell me if i should and what other kinda of better detectors i could get for 150. I was kinda frustrated at it tonight already though cuz there was a huge wreck tonight and im supposed to recieve safety alerts or whatever and i didnt.

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    Return it and go buy a Bel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayur
    Return it and go buy a Bel
    X2. I would agree with this. Cobra are not exactly up to par with the competition. If you want a cheaper RD I would suggest a Bel 895 or a Whistler PRO 73. These are great detectors for the price and still have a great price tag. Your Cobra will not compare to them. I guareentee it.

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    The Bel 895 out performs the Whistler Pro 58 or 73



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