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    Default Cobras and Unidens

    Just took apart an OLD Cobra RD-3173(My dads) and on the main circuit board is a chip that says Uniden then numbers etc. Was wondering if Uniden was making parts and/or whole units for Cobra?

    Aynybody ever have one? It's small, about the size of a pack of cigarettes but thinner. It has 2 toggle switches on the left One for City and one for Brightness X,K,and KA indicators in the middle. Below that is the strengh indicator and on the far right it has an ON light and an ALERT light. Grey in color with a metal case. Also has mute button top right corner.

    It's pretty cool for an old detector so I took it out tonight for fun. No police encounters but a lot of falses. It falsed clear out in the countryside where mine never falses, EVER. And I only have a cheap Whistler 1730. I can't beleive people could deal with this thing on a daily basis!

    No wonder he got it for so cheap! $2 at garage sale.

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    Its the Undien RD9XL.



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