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    I think it is high time to clear the air of all the hype and false info on radar detectors.
    Having made my living in electronics for more than 25 years, I have seen alot of changes.
    Some for the better some not.
    Anyone who has had a cell phone for very long can remember the days when only a handfull of towers were needed to cover the entire coverage area.
    This is because these were ANALOG tranceivers.
    Analog is far superior to digital when it comes to range.
    This is because a moving receiver has to deal with flutter and multipath.
    This shows up as noise on a analog receiver but you can still hear the signal over the noise.
    Digital phones can't do this.
    If the signal has noise on it, the digital signal is corrupted and you get no reception at all!
    Cell companies have had to install 3 times as many towers to get the same coverage with digital phone.
    The same is true with radar detectors.
    The old analog XK receivers were simply a radio receiver waiting to here a signal break the squelch.
    This gave them INSTANT response and greater range.
    Then along came digital.
    ALL the new detectors use a microprocessor and have to analyze the signal after they receive it then decide what band it is, how to make the display light up or what to say.
    This all takes valuable time. [ as much as 2 seconds on some units!]
    The new detectors have the advantage of some of the best filtering we have seen.
    But this filtering is a double-edge sword.
    New detectors will ignore a short pulse that older detectors will respond to.
    My friend has a V1 and paid quite a bit for it.
    It is by todays standards a good detector.
    However, I recently demonstrated to him the distinct advantage of older xk superhet units.
    We were talking about radar traps around the area and he was bragging about how good his Valentine 1 is.
    I had an old 80's model Maxon xk in the car at the time.
    I took out my K band radar gun and the testing began.
    He was completely shocked when my 20+ year old Maxon responded MUCH faster than his V1.
    Not only that but when I hit the trigger fast, the V1 didn't even alarm!
    The 20+ year old xk alarmed EVERY time regardless how short the pulse I created!
    He was so impressed he immediately got on ebay and purchased a 25 year old XK detector to suplement his V1!


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    1st: You kinda put this in the wrong section...

    2nd: Your knowledge may be a bit off about some things...

    The new RD's can detect quick bursts immensly better then the old units, ever heard of 67Millisecond POP bursts?

    Granted they (new units) may take a bit longer to alert... as the processors do take up some time, I couldnt see this being more then 1/2second on the high-end units.

    The range/sensativity on the newest units are slightly better then the old X/K units (If I remember correctly) (just look at the numbers), so even if they dont alert as quickly... they dont need to because they have a better range in the first place.

    Another reason why X&K detectors of the old days have an easier time picking up X&K frequencies... they dont have to scan the whole Ka band! KA band is a huge issue when comparing new vs. old detectors... that you negelected to mention...

    Last but not least... Your friend is supplementing his V1 with a 25 yr old X/K detector...

    Well that will effecively kill his V1's range, you can NEVER run 2 detectors in the same car at one time, it can/will cause one detector to false, a detector to miss an alert, a detector to take longer to report an alert... etc etc

    So how will he supplement his V1 with the old Maxon X&K? He can't run them at the same time... or else it will ruin the V1's capabilities ?

    I have 2 Original X/K band Escort Passports, and even though their range is spectacular, my V1 and X50 still get the edge on K band.... sorry. Don't get me wrong the old units are amazing on X&K band, but your leaving crucial information out.

    Someone with a bit more technical expertise may chime in on this as well.

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    Click on this link and look at the post by 'JAZZY'...

    Look at the sensativity numbers, and look at the range graphics....



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