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    Default Cobra9500 or Whistler1743 ?


    I just got a cobra 9500 and the right minute after found this forum where bad things are said about Cobra. I've tested it today and it detected the Radar like 0.9-1km away, the road wasn`t straight...was rising a bit on the road afterwards it was straight and the RD started beeping, guess if it was straight (in altitude) all the way it should have detected it earlier. It started beeping on K band with 1 out of 5 signal intensity bars and as I got closer like in 200-300m of the copper it raised to 2 bars and ultimately 3 bars right in front of him.

    Should I get a Whistler1743 (my other alternative) to change the cobra 9500 ?
    Can't afford a more expensive one btw

    So the bottom line is Cobra 9500 or Whistler 1743. I`m interested only in detecting radars.

    personal experience - cobras beep at other RDs with VG2 alert, and beep at gas stations on K band (my country anyway).

    Thanks in advance !

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    try to return it and go with the whistler PRO-58 it a great detector.

    i could sworn i already posted here

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