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    i got a cobra 9985 a year ago and i never have seen a review on is it as good as i think

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    It is generally held in this forum that Cobras are crap(Crapras). But, if you find that it works for you, then it will work for you regardless of how crappy many people (myself included) think Cobras are.

    Just don't drive as if it were a cop detector because it is not.

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    yeah everyones got to start somewhere,

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    Default just

    Just wish some of those Cobra users would start by reading this forum.

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    Default Re: cobra 9985

    Quote Originally Posted by cobra150
    i got a cobra 9985 a year ago and i never have seen a review on is it as good as i think
    Cobras when compared to other detectors for range/sensitivity etc., usually end up at the bottom of the list. They are not known as good detectors, and for the same money, better units can be had from Whistler or Bel.

    One of the biggest complaints forum members have is that your Cobra, although silent in your car, leaks so much "radiation" around 33.6 (which is similar to a police Ka band frequency) that it is setting off other detectors around it. So, I can be parked next to you at the lights, and my detector is screaming because your detector is leaking!! In fact, the Valentine 1 has a J (junk) feature that trys to determine when a signal is from a junk source like a Cobra.

    Hope this helps.



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