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    I had a Whistler Pro 73 and my buddy had some type of cobra (a 9300 i believe) Long story short, the sound on my Whistler stopped working. so we just traded radar detectors. I just bought a Escort 9500i. Im planning on giving my cousin the cobra. What is that detector like? I know cobras are not good now days. But I suppose something is better than nothing right?

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    No, NOT better than nothing. At least with nothing, you KNOW you're unprotected and will take more precautions.

    The 9300 is what I own and no longer use -- it is basically tone deaf on Ka band. If you have a constant-on line-of-sight encounter, it will allow you to slow 5mph at MOST from the time you hear the alert till you are doomed, if you do a knee-jerk brake. If it's around a curve, or any kind of pulsed transmission, FORGET IT.

    X band and K band are both marginal, will work against constant-on and curve, maybe some IO, but for all cases you'll have to take immediate action when you get the alert.

    Laser performance is actually superb -- this unit has never failed to pick up laser hits, and often picks up laser scatter, on high and low mounts.

    The worst part, this detector will emit a strong K and Ka false signal -- letting someone drive with one of these is doing a HUGE DISSERVICE to all other detector owners on the road. If you must, then please turn off VG-2 as per the manual, as this reduces the falsing greatly.

    P.S. The pro-73 is a pretty recent product and it comes with a 3-year warranty provided you have a dated receipt. Whistler's tech support and customer service is a dream to speak with -- have you tried talking to them about servicing?

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    I bought it about two years ago off of radarbusters. I called them and they said they only had a year warranty

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