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    I bought a couple of old Cobra detectors recently and was wondering if anyone knew anything about them.

    One is called a Cobra Stealth and is made of some kind of hard metal (maybe magnesium Ė havenít checked with a magnet yet) and the other one is similar but is also solar powered.

    I thought they might have used the term stealth to advertise they were immune to the VG-2 but they both light up a VG-2 big time when I turn the VG-2 on.

    I contacted Cobra to see if they still had a manual for these old detectors and they said they donít. The only other thing I could find out as to why they were called stealth is because they had VCOs so I was thinking they might jump out of the band the VG-2 was looking for.

    So does anyone have any insight into why they were called stealth radar detectors or have a manual?

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    Mind If I Ask How Much u Got Em 4?

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    They were actually dirt cheap since I bought them as a lot with a bunch of other old detectors so I think the total price worked out to $5 each.



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