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    Default Cobra XRS 9675 Please inform me about this unit. Thanks

    I am thinking of buying a Cobra XRS 9675 for about $150, my friend has told me I should go with a Whistler 1776, but I am new to radar detectors and would appreaciate any advise.

    I'm looking for any flaws these models my have, and any radar detector that would be good for someone looking to spend about $150.


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    Go with one of the new Whistlers such at the pro units or the 1776.
    If you are lucky you might find a good Bel 980 or 985 out on ebay, but the problem is these had issues with heat and would error out.
    But if you can find one of those in good shape you will have a good detector that will still compete with the big 3 of today for a lot less $$

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    Cobra = good-looking crap.
    Whistler = great performance considering how much you'll pay.

    Get the Whistler Pro 58 or Pro 73 instead of a Crapra "detector."

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    The Cobra 9675 is a Radio Shack exclusive, according to Radio Shack. I think it is very similar to the Cobra 9700. The main differences are that it does not cover the (Mainly European) Ku band and does not do Voice Alerts.

    I bought one for $149, used it on a trip from NYC to Washington DC and back. After reading through all of the negative comments on every site I could find, I returned it and am now waiting for a Bel RX65 to arrive via delivery.

    Radio Shack were quite difficult about allowing me to return it. It was within 30 days and in mint condition; however I could not return the original packaging because it was a hard plastic shrink-wrapped package that you had to literally destroy to open. After a fight they agreed to give me store credit which I used to buy the Bel RX65.

    I would strongly recommed against buying any Cobra product at Radio Shack.

    The more I read about the V1 and it's loyal followers the more I wonder if I should get it, but reading through the performance ratings I think the RX65 is a better detector.



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