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    any idea about it??? please a scintefic or accurate idea not just the cobra idea u already have.

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    That is the 15 band platform, if it uses the same firmware as the XRS 9955 it's a pretty decent detector if you get it at a good price.

    For C/O detections for most encounters you will see about 3/4 of a mile to a mile of range. K band detection is respectable, Ka is very good on 33.8 and 34.7. I'd like more sensitivity to 35.5 on this platform, for this particular frequency you will see usually no more than a mile of range but no less than half a mile of range on a normal encounter.(I have had several impressive encounters with 35.5 ka band but not as impressive as my 33.8 or 34.7 encounters.)

    This is the best platform Cobra has against instant on. It is capable of picking up instant on but I've seen quite a few instances where my remote mount STI-R alerted and my Cobra did not. I've only had my Cobra alert once to I/O when my STI-R did not. The STI-R is stealth and mounts outside of my car so it will not cause interference with my Cobra when I take it out. You will pick up most of your instant on shots within the same range as you would detect constant on. The detector sometimes delays against instant on though or misses it all together. I'd say that my Cobra has picked up about 65-70% of instant on shots that my STI-R picked up. If they hold the trigger for a bit the Cobra will pick it up. If they do shorter bursts though the Cobra seems to miss them.

    Many of the features advertised on this product doesn't work as intended. It is incapable of detecting spectre despite what Cobra says. The Intellimute will stop working due to this platform dropping alerts then realerting. Overall, if you want to use a Cobra, then I have no problem with it, but there are better values for your money. Please do not buy it from a local store if you can help it, they charge way too much. Consult google and search for the detector for a better price. I recommend seeing if you can get a 9960G if you have to have a Cobra as it has free GPS updates. Good luck.



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