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    Default getting ka off of a cobra?

    Was using 8500 referb and all the sudden i got a ka warning in nj in a town where i know they use x, so a little confused i look around didnt see anything kept going. then a couple seconds later it was going all out wondering whats going on i look to the right and see someone in a civic with a full body kit on it and a cobra with the square display pointing toward the sky. why do they give off a ka warning?

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    Default Re: getting ka off of a cobra?

    Cobra's and some other Rd's leak ka emissions. Running spec mode can help identify a Cobra alert from the real Leo alert. Most cobras falses I have gotten are in the ka 33.xx range.

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    Default Re: getting ka off of a cobra?


    [ame=]YouTube - Cobra RD Causes a Ka False on my 9500ci[/ame]

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    Default Re: getting ka off of a cobra?

    I usually get like 33.6xx, I can confirm this. I got decent ramp-up and saw the Cobra looking RD mounting in a vehicle in the oncoming lane.



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