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    Cool Cobra Intellimute Feature

    I've read that this feature don't work. It does for me. I start my truck and put it in drive with my foot on brake and then set it. This pulls your rpms down a little. The arrow will go down when I come to a stop or if I'm coasting from about 20 miles an hour. When I shut my engine off it will go down too. If I put my truck in park and foot off brake with engine running it goes up. It works well for me cause when I'm stopped at a light I won't be bothered by signals. Any questions or opinions let me know.

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    ok? Didn't know that Cobras are now attached to your vehicles RPMs?

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    Default Re: Cobra Intellimute Feature

    Quote Originally Posted by cooljay View Post
    ok? Didn't know that Cobras are now attached to your vehicles RPMs?
    this feature was around for a while now but I was never able to program it for some reason

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    Default Re: Cobra Intellimute Feature

    It works for me on my 9960G that I tested to an extent. However, the Cobra has a habit of dropping the signal intermittently in which when it picks it back up the Cobra will alert until it is muted again.



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