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    Default The range is amazing!

    So I have turned Ka guard off on the V1 and of course I get some falses on the highway. What just amazes me is the range the cobras have on falsing. The otherside of the highway is separated by a large median, yet some how they manage to Ka false my V1.

    Today I got a Ka alert, so I started slowing down. I look over in the left lane, and next thing I know I am getting dusted by some car with a cobra mounted (low, but correctly mind you) on his windshield.

    They may actually project radar farther than picking it up....

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    Default Re: The range is amazing!

    For a second I was wondering about an "amazing range" thread in the Cobra section... but then you were talking about falsing!
    Quote Originally Posted by comno6 View Post
    They may actually project radar farther than picking it up....
    You're probably right. If they made it sensitive enough to have decent detection range it would false on itself non-stop.
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