Just snagged a Cobra XRS9695 from Radio shack with the spectre 1 and IV+ programming going to be testing against my spectre II to see what my findings are.. Very curious. Also to see if they included the II's in there and the III's or if they just put the 1 and the IV+ in there. Should be an interesting test. Also. Snagged a Cobra Vedetta for NMA for 23 dollars. Tested my XRS 9695 already vs K-band stationary constant on drone very powerful compared to some out there.. More legit test. Got .8miles 8/10's mile on K with X turned off, and K on, Ka On, Pop ON, Spectre 1 on w/shutdown on, and Spectre IV+ alert on. Decent for in town driving when someone doesn't plan on going insanely fast, or just cross town to watch your behind i guess..