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    Default All New Cobra CDR 895 D Dual Cash Cam Now Available from Radar Busters

    Radar Busters is pleased to offer the all new Cobra new dual front and rear facing dash cam.

    The new CDR 895 D Dual Channel dash cam includes a 1080P front camera and a 720P rear camera. The secondary camera can be setup to record inside the car or truck by mounting it on the front windshield to record in-car activity or it can placed on the rear window to be record behind you. It also includes a two-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide viewing angles (160 in the front and 130 in the rear) and embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect clips if an impact is detected.

    Drive HD Dash Cams allow drivers to protect their vehicle, relive their drive and share interesting footage by continuously recording video of the road ahead and now behind in Full HD video.


    • Dual Camera System - Simultaneously captures the road ahead and behind in HD video (Front: 1080P FHD, Rear: 720P HD)
    • Flexible Configuration - Mount the rear cam on the front windshield facing in for in-cab footage or use the 20ft extender cable to mount the rear cam on the rear windshield facing out to record the road behind you
    • Split Screen View - View both Cameras at the same time. The free Drive HD Player allows for simultaneous playback of front and rear video files
    • Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle - Films the entire road and your peripherals without edge distortion (Front: 160, Rear: 130)
    • Easy Installation - Includes front and rear cameras, a 16 GB MicroSD memory card, vehicle power adapter, and suction cup windshield mount so the unit is ready to use out-of-the-box

    To learn more about the new Cobra CDR 895 D, please visit:

    Cobra CDR-895 D at RadarBusters
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    Drive safe, drive smart, but most importantly drive protected!



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