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    Default cobra esd 7000 What do the different sounds indicate ?

    I just received this detector as a gift and the lights are not bright enough for me to tell what alarm is sounding. could someone tell me what the various sound indicate.

    Otherwise I will have to drive up and down the freeway at night so I can see the lights and decipher them.


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    Well I dont know much about (Cobra) radar detectors (mopre-a-less that specific model)... but I still believe that what you can do (as I have seen a few Cobras in my day) is when turning the unit on, look at the display and it should correlate the sound to each band. Like the following:

    Display: Ka
    Sound: (as it displays "Ka" brap-brap tone)

    Display: K
    Sound: (as it display "K" -brap-)

    etc etc etc

    So just get used to them when you turn it on... (Im not sure what tones are for your RD... but the point still remains) eventually you will get used to them. I do have to say, not being able to see the display... its not good!

    Cobras arent considered great detectors... so be careful about putting to much trust into it.

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    now i know its been a month when this was posted byt trust me man get a diferent detector they go for like $35 brand new :shock: and can pick them up at target or where i got mine a pilot gas station in ohio. i now have a bel v955 it is so good compared to that. the 7000 would detect the cop when i was litterally right next to him so my advice return



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