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    Default Talk about sneaky & what's to come! RX65 vs V1 K-band.

    Every portable K-band radar traffic sign I have ever seen, is placed on wide open flats in areas like school zones, dense neighborhoods, and changes in PSL locations. On the way home last nite, 4 miles from the center of this town, on a windy very rural road I get a K-band alert on the RX65, and thought, "here comes a local with constant on K-band around the curve", so I got into the binders hard and put her nose on the ground.

    Lo'n behold there's this blasted K-band sign out in the middle of nowhere. Range to target was not good because it is firing into the woods with very little to scatter the signal. I suspect some residents complained about people flying around the curves, and they are getting some close calls when they enter from the road to the lower left. I fully expect the sign to be replaced or joined by a cruiser within a few days, and this town uses K-band so only the higher end detectors are going to let you know what's happening before it's too late.

    I went back and tested each detector a couple times, one powered at a time of course. Range on the RX65 was about 600ft, and on the V1 about 750ft.


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    If you tell me how to get a photo from google to show up I can show you the placement of a radar sign and where i Detected it. Same kinda thing it is around a curve in a residential neighborhood i go thru everyday.

    I thought some one installed a motion detector or something.

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    Find the image you want on google earlth, then take a screen shot. Open the screen shot in photoshop / paint edit out the stuff you dont want. Host the image and your good to go.

    Good story btw. Glad to see both are doing great



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