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    Default Review: COBRA ESD-9210

    My Frist detector the COBRA ESD-9210
    I had very good result of that detector.. maybe because my city was using constant-on K-Band I always had good time to react because I NEVER HAD A TICKET "and I still don't "

    On the highway I was sometime getting Ka-Band with a fair amount of time (also probably because on the constan-on) ..

    for the range price of this detector you get good feature the VOICE are very clear and easy to understand and it's also easy to read the display. It did not get many false warning because its not a big city and there is nothing to interfere with the radar.

    This detector will offer you
    X-K-Ka & KA-Superwide BAND Detection
    Laser Detection (never been able to test it)
    VG-2 Invisible "NOT SPECTRE"
    Safety Alert

    Overall It's a great detector for Small town and stupid police officer

    I now live in Montreal and have Upgraded to a BEL RX 65

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    It's nice to see some reviews for other than the big three. I too used a 9210 for a little while, and if a guy runs mostly into constant-on, i'd concur that it's an decent unit. It's small, looks good on the dash, and the display remains one of the most visible i've seen when in sunlight.

    Thanks for the review.

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    Default Re: Review: COBRA ESD-9210

    Quote Originally Posted by LiQuiDz
    Overall It's a great detector for Small town and stupid police officer



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