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    Default just wondering

    hey guys im just wondering if these can detect my speed and if i go over the speed limit will it give me ticket?

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    they just show your speed. no tickets.

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    and i also saw this. they are not police. but their car says like edmonds police. but not in police car and they dont wear uniform. 2 of the guys stand by the speed trailer and record somethign on paper everytime car goes by.

    if you go over the speed limit. will they pull you over?

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    Most likely the people are members of the neighborhood watch doing a study for the local PD on whether or not more speed enforcement is needed in that neighborhood. My wife is the captain of our watch, and has been offered training to do the same.

    However, speeders license plates ARE sent to PD and the drivers get "letters" warning them to slow least here, they do.



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