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    Default Low Power KA tests (BEL, Whistler,V1)_

    Driving around today headed home from work I stumbled upon a very low powered KA Band “Your speed Sign”. The device would only display the speed of the vehicle about 200 feet away. The sign was only about 2 blocks from home so I decided to use it as a review platform for my collection of Radar detectors. The sign was placed .1 mile before a curve. I tested 4 radar detectors in all, V1 Version 3.858, Bel Vector 985, Whistler Pro 73, and Whistler 1730. I made a total of 3 passes with each detector, only 1 was on at a time on the exact same level of windshield (placed 7 inches above dashboard), additionally I was always on the same lane of traffic. The V1 alerted of the KA sign .3 miles away on a 4 way stop sign. Rear detection was the same going away from sign on the V1. I then tested the Bel 985 with Accusweep on, detection was .32 miles just a bit before the V1.Rear detection of the low powered KA sign for the Bel 985 was amazing for having no rear antenna .28 miles. Then tested the Pro 73, it gave me a total of .2 miles of warning about 350 feet before curve, rear detection was .08 miles. These are good numbers considering that the KA sign was placed before a curve and the power output on it was so low compared to other K band and KA band signs I encountered. I then tested the 1730 best of 3 runs was .13 miles virtually almost at the apex of the curve before the sign was visible, and for some reason the 1730 was completely deaf from KA band detection from the rear on this particular scenario. These numbers surprised me and showed me the lethality of KA band, especially when used with a low powered radar guns. These tests showed me that you can’t trust cheaper detectors to protect you from the rear or off angle low power threats.

    V1 3.858 X off A mode pop on
    Front .3 Miles
    Rear .3 Miles

    Bel Vector 985 Accusweep X off Highway Mode
    Front .32 miles
    Rear .28 miles

    Whistler Pro 73 X off City 2 mode pop on
    Front .2 miles
    Rear .08 miles

    Whistler 1730 Highway mode
    Front .13 miles
    Rear .Deaf

    Link with Topo Data

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    Try turning PoP off on the V1. It will be better. Not much, but better.



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