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    Default Bel V985 Vs. BEL RX65 on KA

    Anyone ever seen a test that compares the performance of the 985 vs. RX65 on KA? Is the KA range similar for those two detectors? I know the 65 has POP protection.

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    probably similar however the the newer BEL's are said to be 10times more sensitive

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    I have a BEL 985 bought in 2000 and I must say the Ka detection is fantastic....... 8)

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    Default BEL 985

    I have a BEL 985 and it rivals the V1 (version 1.7) on Ka band. I have not tested it against V1(1.8) yet but the V1(1.8) seems quite a bit better on Ka band. But the 985 is a great detector and you can't go wrong with it. I did try a BEL 995 and I was disappointed in its Ka band performance. It does not compare to the 985 IMHO. The 985 is more sensitive and has a quicker response time than the 995. In an effort to filter out more Ka false alarms, the software has slowed down the Ka band response in the 995. I returned it and decided to keep the 985.

    I have not tested an RX-65 so I cannot comment on it. Some say that the RX-65 and the 995 are pretty much the same hardware.




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