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    Default X50 VS. Kustom Eagle KA Band

    Maxima_Lover and I tested his Kustom Eagle KA Band gun VS. MY Escort X50.

    The results are short and sweet.

    Instant On is Killer Hands Down. He got an Instant Reading, not a chance to slow down.

    Constant on - Maxima_Lover tested this with different power settings.
    Each setting did have a different result on the radar gun itself. But the X50 still allowed enough time to slow down without having to slam on the brake.

    Constant on moving - Same thing I could slow down in enough time that he could not obtain my speed until I approached him closer.

    In conclusion, The X50 can save you if the officer is using constant on.
    If the leo uses instant on...... You might as well pull over, slamming on your brake with not get your speed down fast enough....
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    I view I/O - on "you," the same way as I view a laser hit, on "you."

    = toast.

    That's why, bruddah, we've all still gotta stay sharp and speed smart, no matter what kind of countermeasures we may have.

    Thanks for the informative test, especially as a fellow x50 user!

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    I to learned the hard way, with my X50 red rev. 6.1 , i was passing a car and bam instant-on. $250 ticket Always have a rabbit!



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