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    Default Detector Collector - Whistler 1743 Mid-Review

    Well folks, its been 1 week since I got my hands on the Whistler 1743, here are the results...

    Refresh: Incase some of you are wondering whats going on, over the next few months I will be testing various el-chepo to mid-range detectors to see how they compare to the top dogs of the industry. I will be obtaining a detector roughly every 2 weeks and test them for a 2 week period. The detector chosen will replace my x50 for the entire test period.

    Whistler 1743 - Mid-Review Results

    Advertised Features List:
    Real Voice® Alerts-Selectable
    Seven Segment Icon Display
    Stay Alert(tm)
    Total Band Protection(tm)
    360(o) Total Perimeter Protection(tm)
    Pantented VG-2 Cloaking(tm) Technology
    3 City Modes
    Quiet/Auto Quiet Mode
    Vehicle Battery Saver
    Setting Saver
    Alert Priority
    Safety Warning System(tm)

    Range: Band = MAX/AVERAGE/LOWEST (In Miles)
    X Band = 1.0/0.5/0.2
    K Band = 1.5/1.0/0.5
    Ka Band = 3.0/1.5/0.5
    Laser = Not Tested

    Pros: This detector provides you with enough warning time to slow down, the mount given for it keeps it level and in place with very little movement which is perfect for vehicles with non-stock systems, the 3 city modes gives you the ability to low the x sensitivity or remove it completely, provides decent filtering against false detections, voice alert isn't annoying, very loud tone alerts make it great for people who love their loud music.

    Netural: The cord provided is not a coiled one and is very long which is both good and bad, if you want to keep the detector's cord hidden, it gives you a pretty good length to do so, however if you don't then you have a lot of excess that you have to zip-tie, SWS.

    Cons: The display is hard to see from the driver's view of it, the power button doesn't always want to turn off/can't turn it off while an alert is going off, Cobra detectors (when on) cause a VG-2 alert on the Whistler, Doesn't lockon to a radar signal (fades in and out of detection most of the time), the stay alert feature: If you enable it and miss an alert you practically have to shut it off to get it to return to normal.

    Abnormal: The device doesn't list POP detection as a feature, however the unit has alerted to POP several times (a few weren't false)

    Grading Scale: A, B, C, D, F (DUH)

    Grade: C (75%)

    Grade was based on a weight of the pros, cons, netual and abnormal reports.

    Summary: This detector would be perfect for someone who doesn't speed excessively (usually goes no more than 10 over) but wants protection for the BSTS (better safe than sorry) method.

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    Can you test the Whistler pro 73

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    Good review! Keep up the great work!



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