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    Default V1 - 2nd Review January 04, 2007 by Stlouisx50

    I had decided to hook up the X50 and the V1 together and see how much of a difference there was in reception of actual police radar reception.

    Knowing the X50 caused X and K false alerts I just dealt with them on this test and see how well the V1 did. I must say I agree with the rest, the V1 did marginally bbetter at picking up KA 5-15 seconds before the X50 did. Also I can confirm that when ever instant on was used the V1 would alert well before the X50. This means a lot to me.

    So am I impressed by the V1's performance? Hell yeah I am. I could not believe how much of a difference there was between the two. The distance that the V1 picked up KA vs. the distance the X50 alerted could save your butt.

    I forgot to mention the multiple bogey alert on my last post. I must say this is one great feature that the X50 does not have. On the X50 you would have to stare at the detector while it's going off and see if theres going to be additional threats where as the V1 will beep and allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

    The V1 is far better at alerting to a real threat over the X50.
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    the Ka range is the reason i love my V1!!! If you ever get a concealed display I'll tell you my setting cause i feel i have the best set-up for traveling on roads you frequently use

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    Man I have never seen a 180 degree turnaround from anyone I am glad that it works for you
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    Default I said

    Like I said before, give your V1 some time to see how you like it. And it paid off. Congrats St.LouisX50! 8)



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