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    Default Here's an idea

    Doesn't really belong here but no better place I can see...

    Do some creative wiring on the taillights and connect it to a switch. That way if you get hit and can't back off or jam quick enough you keep going to get some distance while trying to break visual lock. Then hit the switch, changing your taillight configuration.

    Now the leo doesn't see the 'same' car...maybe he passes you up and keeps looking for the 'other' guy.

    Yeah, it might work, but only in the dark and only if there other cars, hills, curves etc.

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    Hmmm, LCD rear tail light configurations, nice...

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    lol, ace, your ****ing sig is so funny

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    That is a good idea.

    The a couple nights ago I was dreaming. I was on the highway and got tagged with laser. The cop was about a 1/4 mile ahead. I knew I was toast so I swerved across the highway quick style and exited. Then sped like a banshee into the surrounding neighborhood.



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