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    Default V1 & X50 my review owned both

    The age old question which is better? I would say it depends on your driving style and your personal preferences. I used the x50 for about 4 months. I found that the blue was hard on the eyes at nighttime and would glare off of the windshield. I fixed that by making the display a small dot that didnít move. However as soon as spring hit I found that the audible alert on the x50 to not be loud enough. ala driving down the road and it was hard to hear with the windows down and the system up. much less a fairly loud exhaust adding to the mix.

    on one occasion the x50 did in fact save my bacon I was leaving BelAir, MD and a cop was running instant on Ka. I got a brief quick Ka alert and put on the breaks, I turned a bin and bam he clocked me. I had plenty of time to slow down and it paid for its self just that one time.

    x50 Pros:
    Price! $100 cheaper than a V1 and you get a full warranty with radarroy.

    Very easily programmed, on the fly driving with one hand.

    Good Ka and K band detection never had an X encounter.

    I love how you can make it go complete dark that was so nice for going onto base. The cops just thought it was turned off.

    x50 Cons:

    Blue would hurt my eyes at night until I adjusted it.

    I didnít like how it would sit on my windshield either, the mounting hardware is very inferior to that of the V1.

    Audible tones are low even when you change them to max volume they are still not that loud.

    Laser is ok but not great like the V1. It has a set / general alert time for a laser encounter very very annoying.

    In the middle not a pro or con

    City falsing got really annoying, but this is a problem with Dover, DE. All the stores sit 4 feet from the road and they all own a K band automatic door. The x50 would never shut up, even on city or auto. However with the settings feature on the V1 I got it perfect.

    I could never tell that much of a difference between City, Auto, & Highway.

    V1 3.821 Review

    This has saved me twice since acquiring it. I was traveling on I-95 north when a MD state trooper was running laser. The V1 picked up the signal while the vehicle to my side or front was getting targeted. I didnít have to use the Blinder or VEIL, and although they are great I would rather not have to need them

    Pros Version 3.821
    I am in love with the Arrows once you have them it would be hard to use anything else. Its so nice on the highway if you pick up a signal to know if he's coming up from behind running instant on or if he's just up ahead.

    Bogey Counter is very nice once you learn to use it. Itís nothing special for in the city because it will go nuts if you have a lot of doors. And itís not that accurate as far as telling you the number of bogeys at a certain spot while in the city. However, on the highway I love how if you pick up a small k band signal, and then if you ran across a Ka band signal it would go up to 2 bogeys.

    The mounting hardware is world class and the best between the rx65 & the x50.

    It comes with a hardwiring kit, and when mounted high it is out of your line of sight, which I love.

    Customer support is top notch and they offer free revisions.

    Excellent and I mean excellent laser reception. If the officer stops shooting your car the V1 stops. No set time / generic warning.

    Ka band is also GREAT by all means on the highway. I have picked up LEO's from 3 miles out a few times. And the one run in I have found instant on the Ka gun in question must have been leaking because it never died off.

    Great very odvious audible alert tone, all the bands are very easily identifiable.

    I'm sure there has to be something Iím forgetting but if I think of it Iíll edit this.

    Cons: Revision 3.821

    Little feature called "J" also know as a JUNK / horrible feature on 3.821.
    At this point if I get a Ka alert I have a 50% shot of it going away because of "J", which means I have to restart my V1 at least twice on a 200 mile road trip. VERY annoying. (However the version you get which would be 3.825 has supposedly fixed this we have not confirmed it to be 100% true just yet)

    The LED indicators are horrible to read at night time and almost impossible. They should have been color coded.

    Programming would be in possible on the fly. You need a V1 tech manual and patience.

    Documentation for the programming on the V1 is very poor. And has lead to a forum member doing his own testing and documenting what he finds.

    No ability to turn the unit to completely off with just audible alerts a feature I love on the X50.

    The remote display is just stupid. If you plug it in then it will shut the feature / display off of the main unit. Itís either remote display or the main unit Very annoying. And if you think the main unit is hard to tell which band is flashing its impossible on the remote display.

    Expensive as hell! $400.00 is a lot of money, and as forum members have said its one of the most stolen.

    In-between not a pro or con

    The programmable features are great and you can really customize it to your liking. However it takes patience and research, which should never be the case.

    My recommendation. Buy the V1 and use it for a month, if you donít like it you have the money back guarantee. Then try out the x50, if you donít like it and can easily resell and get your money back.

    Itís all about learning and getting to know your detector that counts. Some may suit your needs better than others!

    Hope this helps


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    Good write up, thanks for sharing. It pretty much echoes my feelings after purchasing a red X50 a few weeks ago. They are both truly fine units and I am impressed how sophisticated and sensitive detectors have become over the past twenty-five or so years.

    I'd have a very hard time saying which is "better". I really appreciate the arrow function and miss that on the X50. IMO, the POP function on the X50 is bordering on worthless - - it false all the time and I've had to shut it off. It's a good thing there is no POP in my vicinity. If the end user is confronted by laser on a regular basis, I'd have to recommend the V1 regardless of the $150 price differential. VR has done a great job on the laser detection area.

    It's interesting to note that the X50 NEVER picks up the hi-end Japanese vehicles that use laser-based cruise control. I havenít seen it once. I easily pickup 3 - 4 vehicles with the V1 every day when I am running that unit.

    OTOH, I've had a few spectacular long-range detections (K, Ka) with the X50 when I've been on the open road. It may be superior to the V1 - - not certain as I rarely run the V1 in the "A" mode. (This particular V1, which is my 3rd, seems much more user-friendly in the A mode compared to my previous units.)

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    Wow, I like your write up re V1 vs X50. I would like to add my opinion to compare X-50 vs V1 1.7. Both X-50 +ZR3 New cost me the same as my V1 alone so in my opinion Escort is better value.The X50 Blue in my opinion looks cool,is very easy on the eyes, if not a bit hard to read in bright sunlight and can be dimmed or turned off which is great at night. If the Tone is switched to loudtone, and automute is switched off, then the x50 is truly LOUD! with volume at 100%.
    Especially Laser warning because of the 6 seconds Audio Delay after the lidar has stopped. Reduces to 3 seconds when shift+linked ZR-3.
    I believe Ka Band detection is Superior to V1 1.7.
    I also have on video a 1km KA warning of a Autopatrol 200 Van mounted Photo radar which only has a 40 mtr Range.
    And I get even more warning from moving KA patrol cars.
    Here in New Zealand KA band is the ONLY radar band in use so I have X and K turned off. This results in NO scanning of radar bands and NO false alarms at all in 10 months of daily use city and highway ANYWHERE. There has been times at night when I have not positively identified the unmarked patrol car so I dont count these encounters as false. Daytime KA encounters leave me trying to identify the threat as the X-50 Ka range is Demon :twisted:

    Overall Opinion.

    X-50 My Mistress New Young and sexy and Blue.
    V1 1.7 My Wife. Old fashioned,wise and hard without you.

    Winshield mount is Sh#t!!
    Laser detection inferior to V1 (Improves considerably when shift+linked ZR3)
    No Front Back Arrow like V1, a feature any ex V 1 user has withdrawl symptoms over. :cry: however the X-50 makes up for it a tiny little bit with Front/Rear Shifting warnings when shift+linked ZR-3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomore55
    It's interesting to note that the X50 NEVER picks up the hi-end Japanese vehicles that use laser-based cruise control. I havenít seen it once. I easily pickup 3 - 4 vehicles with the V1 every day when I am running that unit.

    It won't pick up real laser either and that should worry you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon_Doh
    Quote Originally Posted by nomore55
    It's interesting to note that the X50 NEVER picks up the hi-end Japanese vehicles that use laser-based cruise control. I havenít seen it once. I easily pickup 3 - 4 vehicles with the V1 every day when I am running that unit.

    It won't pick up real laser either and that should worry you.
    Please do not lie!!!! An X50 mounted properly will alert to laser ask Sethy or any of the other members of the GoL the X50 has great laser sensitivity minus all the falses

    Spoiler: show

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