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    Default Measuring the Distance between Moving Cars

    Hey guys, i am not sure you seen this, you all probably have see this,$file/UltraLyte%20100LR%20DBC%20Spec.pdf

    They have a LIDAR product they can use to measure the distance between moving cars now.

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    Oregon seems big on this.

    They dedicate an entire section on this to the public and then there is a UL training video which shows a test run between two UL (one w/DBC)

    looking for video.
    (click VIDEO)
    1.2.3 DONE! close thread. LOL

    -Suf Daddy

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    Let see, not only does the cop have to get one measure correct and do everything correctly, he has to do it twice. We know they can not get peoplse speeds correct what makes then thing they could even attempt to do this right.

    But I rather them ticket people for following too close then speeding.

    When I lived in CA they use to ticket more for following too close and lane changing then speeding.



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