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    Suf Daddy

    Default NO way are there 203 threads in this forum.

    Why does it say there are 203; maybe now 204, threads in this forum. I see only 2. Now 3.

    -Suf Daddy

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    Default Re: NO way are there 203 threads in this forum.

    Its because it includes in the database (many) of the topics from the 'old' style forum format... which had many more topics.

    If you use the search function (in just this section of the forum) it will still pull up the old topics if you are looking for one in particular.

    So by displaying some 2hundred-odd threads: The forum just tells you that there are more topics here, without displaying them, since many are 'older'. This shows 'newer' topics and cuts down on the clutter of old topics in the mix, but still allows you to access them via the search function.

    Hope that helps Suf!

    (EDIT: See kpatz response)
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    Default Re: NO way are there 203 threads in this forum.

    Look at the Display Options at the bottom of the forum page. One of the drop downs specifies how far back to view threads. The default is 1 week. You can increase this here, or in your profile for all forums. Then you'll see older threads.
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