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    Suf Daddy

    Default Pro Lite or Pro Lite +

    Is there a "plus" marking on the shell of the Pro Lite Plus?

    Okay, I'm embarrassed to even ask.........

    < EDIT: No + or PLUS markings on the exterior. Continuous shot makes it a Pro Lite + >
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    Default Re: Pro Lite or Pro Lite +

    No they look exactly the same.

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    Default Re: Pro Lite or Pro Lite +

    They're not the same... the Prolite has a different software than the Prolite+
    I believe the Prolite+ has tracking mode while the Prolite doesn't

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    Default Re: Pro Lite or Pro Lite +

    A while ago there was some talk that Kustom quit selling the "Non-plus" version...

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    Suf did you must have rented your new one to the MSP because I saw a Trooper running one on 3 South right after the 495 merge....
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    Suf Daddy

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    O rly?

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    Suf Daddy

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    Hey I did some digging and found the answer.

    If its out there, its more than likely a Pro Lite +.

    Kustom tested the prototype: Pro Lite.

    Feedback on it wasn't too favorable.

    So they tweaked it and distributed most as the Pro Lite +.

    There are no PLUS or " + " markings on them. So like the LTI 20/20, there will be confusion which is which.......................... <joy>

    One way to figure it out is:

    If its a Pro Lite, its a single shot like a range finder.

    A Pro Lite + with have a menu w/ weather mode and continuous shot, as long as the fire button is pressed.

    Keep in mind the range of these is software "Capped" at 2,000 ft -supposedly- at the MAX setting. The top setting before MAX is 1999 ft.




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