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    Default So, who is King of the V1's?

    Final Test Results:

    Just thought of comparing different V1 versions to see which V1 version really dominates in terms of raw performance. So I acquired a couple V1 units and tested them all in a controlled setting. The test is a semi scientific one since the test was not done in the lab. To be able to test it in a controlled setting, I have to use a microwave absorbing material to limit the range of the radar unit. Without the microwave absorber, there is no way to test the units in a controlled setting. I initially planned to use the Ecosorb material but decided not to because it was not flexible to my liking in terms of usage. Plus it will take 3 weeks for delivery and the price tag was $210 for a 12 X 12 in. board. So I did some research and talked to some friends of mine and came up with a material that was better in terms of flexibility of use and has to be military grade. After discussing my intentions with the manufacturers's rep, he gave me a specific product they make and gave him the design I wanted with it's specifications. The military grade microwave absorber was designed to be flexible in use. Meaning, I can test radar detectror's at a distance of 10 ft. up to max. range.

    V1 Criteria's:

    All V1's tested had to be newly tuned up or newly upgraded prior to testing. Versions tested were 2 812's, 2 813's and 1 872(newly upgraded from pre pop version - NO BRAND NEW UNITS WERE TESTED).

    Test Method:

    1. Mode of radar was constant on.
    2. Only one mount and location was used.
    3. All V1's tested were powered down after every run.
    4. Maximum test range was set to less than 400 ft. for test # 1 and less than 900 ft. for test # 2 ka guard off.
    5. Test type was on axis with no obstruction between radar and
    radar detector - STRAIGHT LINE TEST.
    6. Speed of test vehicle was 0 MPH according to our speedometer but
    was moving very very slow so we could stop immediately and
    measure the distance more accurately this way.
    7. Measurement data was acquired by my trusted and very very
    light LTI Marksman(it's a hybrid one and the only one in the
    world). PLEASE DON'T ASK ME WHY.
    8. Every version was given 3 runs each.

    Radar used: Decatur Genesis ll Select 35.5 Ka Band
    The reason I choose 35.5 is because, it is harder to detect than the other frequencies like 33.8 and 34.7. Just my opinion and I can be wrong.

    Photo's of my "Radar Range Reducer" kit:
    [replacer_a] , [replacer_a] , [replacer_a] , [replacer_a]

    Figure 1: I use this to limit the range of radar by placing several of these in between the radar antenna and the front aperture/opening. I used 2 of these in the 400 ft. range and 1 for the 900 ft. range.

    Figure 2: Is the main antenna jacket that covers the whole antenna.

    Figure 3: I call it the range adjuster and aperture cover. I can completely or partially cover the front aperture or opening using this. I can increase the range of radar by partially opening it or reduce the range by completely covering it. I can have the option of reducing the range by adding more of figure # 1 between the front aperture and the antenna.

    Figure 4: What it looks like when the radar antenna is placed inside the RRR kit. The rear end is then taped to minimize unwanted reflection of the radar beam.



    Test # 1 - Range set to less than 400 ft. with Ka guard off

    *812* (KnightHawk's)
    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 334 ft.
    Run 2 = 339 ft.
    Run 3 = 348 ft.
    Average = 340 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 279 ft.
    Run 2 = 273 ft.
    Run 3 = 280 ft.
    Average = 277 ft.

    *813 #1*(KnightHawk's)

    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 346 ft.
    Run 2 = 349 ft.
    Run 3 = 336 ft.
    Average = 343 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 284 ft.
    Run 2 = 276 ft.
    Run 3 = 280 ft.
    Average = 280 ft.


    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 344 ft.
    Run 2 = 353 ft.
    Run 3 = 340 ft.
    Average = 345 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 274 ft.
    Run 2 = 289 ft.
    Run 3 = 284 ft
    Average = 282 ft.

    *872*(KnightHawk's) POP Enabled

    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 361 ft.
    Run 2 = 350 ft.
    Run 3 = 364 ft.
    Average = 358 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 289 ft.
    Run 2 = 285 ft.
    Run 3 = 296 ft.
    Average = 290 ft.

    Test # 2 - Range set to less than 900 ft. with Ka guard off


    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 828 ft.
    Run 2 = 812 ft.
    Run 3 = 837 ft.
    Average = 825 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 812 ft.
    Run 2 = 813 ft.
    Run 3 = 809 ft.
    Average = 811 ft


    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 824 ft.
    Run 2 = 814 ft.
    Run 3 = 828 ft.
    Average = 822 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 798 ft.
    Run 2 = 825 ft.
    Run 3 = 808 ft
    Average = 810 ft.

    *872*(KnightHawk's) POP Enabled

    (Ka guard off)

    Run 1 = 834 ft.
    Run 2 = 842 ft.
    Run 3 = 829 ft.
    Average = 835 ft.

    (Ka guard on)

    Run 1 = 817 ft.
    Run 2 = 822 ft.
    Run 3 = 822 ft.
    Average = 820 ft

    We tried the Escort 9500ix of Clay_of_Nashville during test # 2

    Results: Unit was in highway mode and GPS off.

    Run 1 = 783 ft.
    Run 2 = 805 ft.
    Run 3 = 774 ft.
    Average = 787 ft.


    Did Ka guard off really made a big difference in performance?

    Is the 813's really the King of the V1's?

    Based on the data gathered, I can say that the 872 was clearly the winner. However, I can see one factor that can possibly be an advantage for the 872. I do have some questions in mind as to the possible causes for increase performance with the 872. First, did the new components installed during the upgrade made a difference in performance as shown in the above data? Second, a million dollar question floats around and only VR has the answer. Is there truth to the rumor here in this thread that Jstglockem started? FYI, the pre POP version was upgraded 3 weeks after this rumor was posted. I stated in my note to VR that I was not in a hurry to get my V1 back. But added "I just want the best".

    Based on the data me and Clay_of_Nashville gathered aside from the 1 million dollar question, I can say that any V1's coming out of the VR facility for reapair, tune up or upgrade will always come out with top performance based on the numbers seen here in this test from 5 samples. It also ensures us customers that we get the same performance as other's do. It also tells me that Mr. Mike Valentine made sure that no specific version is better than the others unless the rumor started by Jstglockem is true.

    So, who is King of the V1's? I can safely say, it's Mr. Mike Valentine. We cannot outwit him. Mr. Valentine, if you are reading this Sir, don't forget my cut in case there is increase demand for upgrades to a newer version or increase volume in sales of the 872 version or higher. [replacer_img] LOL


    How long does each V1 version hold it's peak performance?

    A special thanks to Clay_of_Nashville for helping me out with the test. Hey bud, I think you need to practice more when holding the laser gun. BTW, you need to seriously think about what you wrote on your signature.

    Before anyone criticize's the test results, please make sure you have met the criteria's for this test. Your test has to have the same methods of testing and the test range should be the same to get close to the numbers.

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    This is gonna be good.

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    Waiting for this will be like waiting for the GOL tests.

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cips View Post
    Waiting for this will be like waiting for the GOL tests.

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?



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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    I am excited. We should get some good information from this. 3.813

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    This is an excellent idea. I can't wait!

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    Oooooo this should be good

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    Quote Originally Posted by rsatmans View Post
    I am excited. We should get some good information from this. 3.813
    That would be the one

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    Default Re: So, who is King of the V1's?

    Quote Originally Posted by KnightHawk View Post
    Coming soon. [replacer_img]

    I hope you will be testing a 1.7 also.




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