I'm already part 97 (amateur radio) licensed.. so why not part 90? I'm a member of NIU's Formula SAE team, so I guess I would be able to put down for "testing, tuning, and tracking purposes" of our university competition car.

do you think that would be a plausible reason? what is the license fee for part 90? i can't find it anywhere on FCC's site:
FCC: Wireless Services: Private Land Mobile Radio Services: Private Land Mobile

i already have a Z35 (part 15, AND within part 97 frequencies!). but it's kind of getting boring.. looking to upgrade to the more pro stuff (like the Stalker ATR ). and just for a little bit of clarification too.. since to my understanding K-band radar falls under frequencies also listed for part 97, does that mean i am allowed to operate part 90 k-band devices on a secondary basis with my amateur license?