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    Default Blinder, LI and ZR3 Testing

    Today I met up with a few of the local forum members (The Chariot, hadesATL, and FastGT2003). The Chariot and hadesATL had new installs they wanted to test and FastGT wanted to try some ambush style shots to see how the ZR3's worked on sub 500' attacks.

    The Chariot had a M27 installed on a F-150 and hadesATL had a LI dual installed on a Porsche Cayenne.

    Upon looking at the Cayenne install it was apparent that I would get PT's on CM. They were very widely spaced apart with the sensor bubbles out. Additionally they were not level and severely pointed toward the sides, running even with the slant of the grille.

    On the first pass I was able to get instant PT on CM inside of 600'. The headlights were JTG however. We repositioned the heads to square and level them with the sensor bubbles oriented inwards. After that it was JTG on CM and headlights against the PL3, LA and LZ1. Pretty impressive results.

    The Chariot's F-150 we tested earlier this week with some PT's (250') against the Stalker but JTG against the PL3. I suspected the PT's were actually the Blinder's timing out after 7 seconds. It appears this was the case as today the Blinder results were as follows:


    CM - 97'
    DHL - JTG
    PHL - 83'

    Laser Atlanta

    CM - JTG
    DHL - JTG
    PHL - JTG

    On the ZR3 ambush testing with shots beginning at approximately 400' the results were as follows:


    CM - JTG
    DHL - JTG


    CM - 93'
    DHL - 135'

    All in all pretty decent results for all systems. LI's results were as expected with a proper install. The Blinder M27 did very well for a large pickup truck. The headlights were veiled for purposes of disclosure. The ZR3's did perfect against the PL3 (most common gun around here) and gave adequate time to slow on the other small PT's.

    I did not try shooting as Rsatmans and Elevato sytles as they are famous for. All shots were CM or HL as noted.
    Valentine One (3.858 Ice Cream Truck, 3.812 in Vette)
    4 Head LI (On Vette) (7.11 CPU Regular heads front, HP Heads on the rear)
    9500ci (On Vette)

    LI Quad (On Ice Cream Truck)

    LI Dual (On SRX, 7.06 CPU)

    ProLaser II, ProLaser III, Stalker LZ-1, LTI Marksman & Laser Atlanta "R" (looking for an Ultralyte LRB)

    2008 Corvette Z-51 Coupe

    Escort 9500 ix (Cadillac SRX)

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    Default Re: Blinder, LI and ZR3 Testing

    Had a great time meeting everyone, participating in more tests and watching others. Weather was cold but otherwise a perfect day out. I have videos and will post them sometime on Sunday after edits in the lounge. My vehicle wasn't included in the videos, because license plate or not, one look would give it away.

    Overall I'm very pleased with sub-100 PTs with the LZ1 gun and the JTG on the Laser Atlanta (don't see LZ1s in this area and Laser Atlantas are very common). If M27s can protect a big F150, imagine the results on a smaller vehicle. The nice thing is instead of dedicating the extra 2 heads I have to the front, I can now run a 2/2 front and back configuration.

    About the LI.... very impressive considering the very bright, large (larger than the F150!) and reflective headlights on that Porsche and the very wide spacing between the heads (3-4 feet).

    The ZR3, considering what was paid for them, and how they did on the Mustang, I'd say that it delivered some bang for the buck!

    Oh, on a humorous note, pulling into the meeting location my detector got a laser hit and a second later I see a LEO cruise by perpendicular to my position. I thought "wow, I got some scatter!" I told this to Category4 and he laughs... he was in the parking lot hitting my truck from behind with laser!

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    Default Re: Blinder, LI and ZR3 Testing

    Sounds like a good time. Good results guys.



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