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    Default Passport SRX vs 9500ix

    Took the family to Busch Gardens today and brought the 9500ix for RLC's. (the car we took also has an SRX installed)

    On the way up, there were two 34.7 encounters (one FF, one oncoming traffic) and the two detectors were tied on both. Kind of bad since my old X50, based on the same S7 platform, performs better than the SRX.

    I have always thought that being monted low on the front bumper (SRX) hurts range. So when my much newer 9500ix, mounted on the windshield, only tied the old SRX on two 34.7 encounters, I was not impressed...

    But on the way back we had two 35.5 encounters (one oncoming, the other was working an accident scene) and the 9500ix owned the SRX. (by 4-6 seconds!)

    The first 35.5 encounter had me thinking the SRX was dead on 35.5 because the 9500ix ramp-up made it sound like the LEO was right on top of us and the SRX was silent for several seconds. But then the SRX alerted and it was another .5-.7 miles before I crossed paths with the LEO. He was moving, so the total SRX distance was at least a mile.

    Still, the 9500ix beat it with ease. (on 35.5 at least, 34.7... not so much)

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    Default Re: Passport SRX vs 9500ix

    Yeah the SR7/SRX does not do well against 35.5 Ka-band... On the other hand I did see a video from ericsonphoenix that beat the V1 on 35.5 Ka-band a good 5 seconds so I don't know what to say.

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    Default Re: Passport SRX vs 9500ix

    My S7 SRX was very good on 35.5. Where I felt it lacked a little was against 34.7.



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