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    Cool Radar/Lidar Testing Protocol

    OK, I've been away from the forum for a while due to family health issues. Fortunately, things worked out fine. Prior to dealing with hospitals and doctors, I was able to take two trips to break in my M3 E93 (1100+ miles) and had a few close encounters (no video due to my mount still needing a few tweeks) on both trips. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to drop it off to BMW to do the "Release the Hounds" service (where they drop everything down and open everything up).

    The next best thing to not dealing with doctors and hospitals was that I received both my Stalker II and UltraLyte LRB this week!!

    I've searched the archives and didn't come up with any descriptions of protocols and methodologies for testing my setup. OK, so here's my question:

    If you had these two guns, what approach would you take for testing my setup (Escort Passport CI & LI Quads)? Can we come up with an approach? Maybe standardize the testing protocol for testing both systems separately and in combination.

    What distances? Straight aways, hills, curves? Varying speeds? Reflectivity? Obviously JTG. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Radar/Lidar Testing Protocol

    There is no standard, because you never know what a LEO might do. Start with straight on shooting from 1500' in then and ambush and overpass shots. Start shooting the guns a bit then once you get used to them, think like a LEO and figure out hiw best to utilize the guns then test the car under those circumstances.
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    Default Re: Radar/Lidar Testing Protocol

    I think lidar testing methods are a PM message subject only. Ask people like Djrams80, Stealth Stalker, SnoopyC4, Rstmans, ElVato. (not sure about spelling on the last two) I'm sure I'm forgetting some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by v1user View Post
    I think lidar testing methods are a PM message subject only...
    Thanks. Will do...

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    Default Re: Radar/Lidar Testing Protocol

    I always start center mass then headlights on the next 2 runs. You should get a feel on how well the set up is before you start doing exotic testing that we should not mention here.

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    Default Re: Radar/Lidar Testing Protocol

    Clear. Repeatable. Realistic (A straight road with no traffic is realistic, a special prism isn't). After that you can pretty much tailor the rest to the parameter you're trying.



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