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    Default Radarbusters Would like to set Somethiing UP

    So I am trying to get a testing session set up for up here in Omaha, NE we have plenty of detectors to test and fool around with, I will try and get a list of everything we have and post it when I can. Would any of you be interested in driving up here and helping us out with this. We do not have any Laser Jammers or any testing equipment such as Laser Guns or Radars. If any of you would be willing to help out please shoot me a PM. This would probably be looking to be done some time in Mid August, the time frame will actually be set best specifically for whomever is willing to come up here and has the most Laser and Radar equipment.

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: Radarbusters Would like to set Somethiing UP

    if i lived closer i would be able to supply everything
    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

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    Default Re: Radarbusters Would like to set Somethiing UP

    Might be easier take RDs, jammers and a video camera over to radarrob's neighborhood for a test

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    Default Re: Radarbusters Would like to set Somethiing UP

    I'm never going to Omaha, again, ever.

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    Default Re: Radarbusters Would like to set Somethiing UP

    Nashville, TN --> Omaha, NE = 771 miles = 10Hr 36 Min @75 MPH.



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