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    Default Fort Lauderdale, FL area?

    I think I have my setup pretty much where I want it, except that I need to Veil my tail lights (I don't expect good weather for that until Fall here).

    Is there anyone in FL who has a gun and would be willing to help me test my setup? I don't mind if I have a significant drive to get to you, I love road trips

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    Default Re: Fort Lauderdale, FL area?

    Can't help ya, but how do you like the area? I plan to go to college there after I finish up 2 years of college here.

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    Default Re: Fort Lauderdale, FL area?

    Cliff (Laser-InterceptorUSA) and Micah (BlinderGuy) both have lidar guns. Don't know what system you have but if it's one of those 2 you might try the appropriate party and see if they can help.
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    Default Re: Fort Lauderdale, FL area?

    I will be in West Palm on July 14th for some tests with Blinder USA if you want to meet me down there to test it. I have some guns we can use.



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