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    Default V1 and STi-r vs 34.7 Ka speed sign (opposite side)

    Was driving home yesterday from NC. Driving south on 301 through a small town (Hawthorne, FL) when encountered a 34.7 GHz speed sign that was aimed south.

    So I was picking up the backside of the the speed sign.
    STi-r alert at 1235 feet, V1 at 710 feet.

    STi-r (pop off, RDR off, segmented 2, 5, 8)
    V1 3.872 (pop off, Ka Guard on)

    I have a video that I used to determine the exact alerting distances. Can't seem to get the audio to play on the edited video. Approx 10pm, slight rain

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    Default Re: V1 and STi-r vs 34.7 Ka speed sign (opposite side)

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