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    Default Whistler Xtr 690 SE vs Valentine one (3.872) C/O Ka 34.7

    My few encounters so far with the SE and The V1 have almost seemed equal on C/O Ka 34.7. I have examined some of my videos of Constant on. The terrain is flat and conditions are good. Even off Camera most of my C/O Ka 34.7 from just the V1 have never seen so far over 4+ miles of 34.7. These detectors were run seperately in these videos. The V1 is only less than 2 months old. The SE is still my #2 fav. windshield mount. Speed of the troopers could be a factor ? There is no comparison of the rear detections =)

    1:16 of C/O Ka 34.7 (Whistler Xtr 690 SE)

    Video is 2 min 30 seconds. Take off 6 seconds from the start of the video because of no alerts. The time the trooper passes me in the video is 1:22 and -6 seconds. So the encounter from start to the trooper passing me is 1:16-1:17.
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    Default Re: Whistler Xtr 690 SE vs Valentine one (3.872) C/O Ka 34.7

    Most of my over 4 mile alerts the Leo was sitting still and set up in the median or on the shoulder in mostly flat open terrain. When the Leo is rolling it reduces the alert distance quite a lot. Terrain is the biggest equalizer that causes most rd's to alert within a second of one another in certain encounters. These encounters are the ones where the radar does not penetrate or bend over the terrain and all rd's see the signal at the same time. It is gonna take a LEO set up in a stationary position with the right terrain between the 2 of you to experience a 4+ mile alert IMO.



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